Death to SEO

Death to SEO

With AI and Google’s HCU, the rules of SEO have changed for good.If 80% of your pages barely get any traffic, it likely won't get better.

The old SEO game

See, in the old world, SEO was a game of quantity over quality.Traditional SEO agencies thrived on easy tactics: flooding the web with subpar content, obsessing over keyword density, building questionable backlinks, and following a one-size-fits-all strategy.Businesses were told that more content meant better rankings, leading to an endless cycle of mediocrity that rarely moved the needle in search visibility or user engagement.

A shift in the market

The SEO landscape has undergone seismic shifts in 2023 and 2024 that have rendered the old SEO playbook obsolete:

  • AI: It has revolutionized how content is created and consumed, making old keyword stuffing tactics useless as AI-driven algorithms can now understand context, relevance, and user intent with unprecedented accuracy.

  • Content Saturation: There’s now 1000x more content being produced than a decade ago, making it harder for any single piece of content to stand out without true quality and value.

  • Google’s Helpful Content Update (HCU): This update has prioritized user experience and valuable content above all, punishing sites that churn out low-quality, unhelpful content.

The new world

In this new world, B2B companies need to play a different game — a smarter, leaner SEO strategy. Focus on quality and relevance, not just volume. Adapt swiftly to market changes, employing:

  • Usefulness-centric Optimization: Enhancing the quality of existing content to meet the new Google standards and, most importantly, be useful for users.

  • Technical Excellence: Quickly updating and fixing technical issues to comply with the latest algorithm changes.

  • Strategic Link-building: Focusing on acquiring high-quality backlinks that are relevant and build brand authority.

Time for a change

If you stay with a traditional SEO approach, your risk falling into obscurity, drowned out by the sheer volume of content and penalized by new algorithm updates.

Our vision is a world where SEO is no longer a mundane, checkbox exercise but a dynamic, strategic element of broader business goals.We see a future where companies no longer fear algorithm updates but embrace them, as they consistently deliver content that is both useful to their audience and favored by search engines.

Death to SEO approach

By adopting 'Death to SEO' sprint approach, your business can quickly enhance content quality, improve search rankings, and generate more leads through SEO.

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